RTS Zeus III Digital Matrix Intercom System, 32 Ports

Redundant Power Supplies

  • The unit comes with two (2) completely independent power supplies powered from separate AC feeds.

USB Port

  • The USB port is used for system configuration using AZedit Intercom software.

Trunk Capable

  • Using either the dedicated DB-9 trunk connector with standard RS485 protocol, or newly release Ethernet trunking the Zeus III is able to communicate with a RTS trunk master system.

Additional Channels/Ports

  • The Zeus III is a 32-channel intercom matrix. Each channel can be used to connect to a keypanel or 4W audio (audio IN/OUT).

Dual-Channel Party Line Interface

  • Zeus III includes an interface for additional two (2) channels of party line. From the front panel it can be configured for use with RTS TW, Audiocom, or Clear-Com party line systems. No additional interfaces are necessary.

Remote Configuration

  • With the addition of Ethernet to the unit, you can now remotely configure your Zeus III.

Dynamic Keypanel Addressing

  • Zeus III now automatically addresses keypanels when they are connected to the frame. This eliminates the need for setting keypanel addresses and maintaining port allocations.


  • Two relay connections are included, which are available on the back panel of the unit.