RTS KP-32 KEYPANEL 32-Position

The RTS model KP-32 Classic keypanel fits in a standard 19" rack and is two rack spaces high. It has 32 lever keys: 30 keys are for intercom talk/listen assignment; one key is for call waiting response; and one key is for headset/microphone/program selection and volume setup. The KP-32 Classic combines all of the programmable features of the KP-12 keypanel. The KP-32 Classic features digital signal processing and binaural headset operation with left/right assignment of audio signals. It also has large, super-bright, long-life fluorescent displays with adjustable brightness control, making it suitable for all types of ambient lighting. The KP-32-RC audio board with GPI option is available for KP-32 Classic series keypanels. In addition, the CSI-100 option kit for KP-32 Classic provides a bi-directional coaxial interface.KP-32-16 - All the functionality of the KP-32 Classic with 14 individually assignable keys for a simplified, lower cost option where 32 keys are not required.Features:

  • 32 Lever Keys with 30 Keys Available for Full Talk/Listen Configuration
  • Binaural (5-Pin or 4-Pin) Headset Connector
  • Binaural (5-Pin) Headset Connector
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • Easy Upgrades
  • Enhanced Programming Keypad
  • Only 3.54" (90mm) Deep Behind the Front Panel
  • Super-Bright, Fluorescent Displays