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From signal transport to booth kits to a simple cable rental - and everything in between - we have your fiber needs covered. We have engineers and experts on hand to help you create a solution that fits your needs. And as part of NEP Group, we have access to our own full-service, in-house fiber optic manufacturing and repair facility.

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Dante Fiber Booth Kit

Fast and lightweight connectivity between locations

Bexel developed a Fiber Booth Kit solution for interfacing Video, Audio, Comms, Data and IP Connectivity for host positions and broadcast booths. The modular and compact design helps with space constrictions and allows the distance between the production set and mobile unit to be exponentially greater than traditional copper connectivity. The Dante Fiber Booth Kit comes complete with UPS batter backup.

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Fiber Mini Booth Kit

Remodel of the original kit, but less than half the size

Introducing a remodel of the original Fiber Booth Kit. The “Mini” alternative is less than half the size to deliver a system that is more compact and lightweight, with the same rugged functionality. The Fiber Mini Book Kit interfaces the announce booth to the mobile unit, and is packaged in a lightweight rack with suitcase-style handles for easy transport. The kit includes 12 video, 16 audio, IFB, Intercom, plus the option for Robotic Camera support.

Download fiber mini Kit PDF

Signal Transport over Fiber

Transmit high-resolution signals at fast speeds across long distances, without degradation

The technological advantages of fiber-based transport include reduced costs and labor effort, as well as benefits like routing video and audio signals together on a single fiber link. This versatility is made possible by hardware equipment designed for signal routing and distribution that can satisfy any production need and size. These signal transport solutions are scalable connectivity devices for linking, transporting, distributing, and/or routing signals in a broadcast infrastructure.

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Signal Transport over Fiber

High-resolution signals, fast speeds, long distances, no degradation

Bexel offers cost-effective, high performance, rack-mount solutions for distributing digital video signals. The fiber multiplexer systems are compatible with all common broadcast video formats and is suitable for use in remote trucks, live event video distribution, and fixed links associated with broadcast and production facilities.

Bexel has 3 customized Multidyne VF-9000 packages to provide flexibility for an increased channel count and Ethernet. We also offer Studio Technologies’ Model 400 in several configurations. Bexel engineering can modify these configurations based on your production needs.

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Fiber Optic Cable

Route video and audio signals in remote locations and venues

Bexel’s substantial inventory of fiber cable accommodates the growing need to support more connectivity and higher bandwidth requirements.

Our 2000-foot fiber cables are available in 24 stand, 48 strand, and 72 stand for higher density cable needs. With a large variety of tactical fiber quantities and lengths, our cables and connectors are managed by expert technicians and maintained in superior condition, undergoing rigorous testing, cleaning, and cataloging.

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