Evertz CP-2272E 72 Button 2RU Router Panel

The CP-2272E remote control panel features two small high resolution color LCD displays alongside an array of 72 full color dynamic LCD buttons, all of which are fully programmable. The two LCD displays intelligently interact with the panel's buttons and rotary controls, updating automatically as different operation facilities are selected. Each of the 72 LCD buttons are capable of displaying a multiple character text string or a graphical image. They can also be configured with a menu structure which allows quick navigation through the systems. When a menu button is pressed some or all of the buttons change their function and legend. Their operation is then defined by the configuration setup for this new menu. The selection of a new menu can also be configured to change the graphical display of one or both the LCD screens. The CP-2272E is an advanced control panel and a member of the Magnum Control System, allowing control of automated tielines and pathfinding, and advanced breakaway routing while still supporting basic routing concepts like levels and categories. The CP-2272E requires the MAGNUM Control System for router control. The CP-2272E is a very sophisticated advanced panel that allows you to create a very powerful and very simple interface to your entire system. It is ideal for applications where a panel design with more LCD buttons is critical based on number of sources, destinations, levels to control etc. is desired. This makes it perfect in many different environments including Production areas, Technical Director areas, "Tape" areas etc. Considering its small foot print the CP-2272E is perfect for use as an advanced system control panel in truck and mobile applications.