Pesa Cheetah 128x256 HD Video Router

The Cheetah 128XE Digital Video Router is the latest development in high definition video technology for formats up to 1080p/60 and 3D Stereoscopic transports. Based on field proven Cheetah Advance Technology Systems (CATS?) technology, the 128XE adds the latest in high definition technology with exceptional package density. To support the needs of additional outputs, this frame can be configured with twice as many outputs, making it an attractive solution for large monitor walls applications. Each 11RU frame can be populated with four 128x128 matrix cards allowing I/O sizes up to 128x256. The matrix card and I/O cards allow many different square and rectangular frames sizes making it a cost effective solution when future expansion is planned. Input and Output cards are based on 16 ports per blade. Additionally, the 128XE supports both fiber and coax I/O offering extreme flexibility in cable management. Fiber sources can be connected directly to each frame, thus eliminating the need for fiber-to-copper conversion gear. All pluggable cards are hot-swappable with the matrix card, power supplies, and matrix control systems easily removed from the front. The 128XE supports many 3rd party control protocols as well as the full featured PESA control system offered with the 3500PRO and PERC2000 System Control Software.