Evertz X-1202H 12X2 HD Video Router w/AC

The X-1202H HD twelve input video router provides a convenient, low cost way to route standard and high definition serial digital signals. The X-1202H routers are used for 1.5Gb/s HDTV serial digitial signals. It features redundancy protection by providing optional dual power supply and relay bypass options. When the unit is ordered with the Quad 12x2 AES router option the AES output busses can be used in an "audio follow video" mode, or can be broken away from the video bus. The routers feature redundancy protection by providing dual power supply and bypass relay options. The router electronics are housed in a 1RU rackmount frame and is controlled from the built-in front panel controls. Each model can also be purchased with an optional rack mounted remote control panel that replaces the built-in control panel. All units can also be controlled by contact closures on the GPI control port or through the RS-232 or RS-422 serial remote control port using industry standard switcher protocols.