TV Logic LQM-171W 17" HD/SD Quad LCD Monitor w/ WF/Vector

LQM-171W is a 17-inch LCD quad split monitor which can display 4 X HD/SD SDI or Analog composite input signals. It has various display modes with built in Waveform, Vectorscope displays, Time code display, UMD, Closed Caption, Audio disembedder, and speaker output and it also can be auto color calibrated by TVLogic's color calibration utility.

  • 1366 x 768 resolution with High Contrast 900:1
  • 4 x HD/SD SDI, Analog Composite auto-detect inputs
  • 1 x HD/SD SDI Output (Selected input through-out)
  • Precision Waveform & Vector scope
  • Audio Disembedder & Speaker output
  • Embedded audio level meter & Time code display
  • UMD display & Closed Caption display
  • Wide variety of marker & safety areas
  • User programmable Function keys (F1, F2)
  • Remote control function using RS422 & GPIO
  • Remote control & update using Ethernet
  • Support TVLogic Color Calibration Utility for proper color alignment
MONITORS (15-39)