Boland PVB17 17" 3G/SDI/HDMI Broadcast Monitor

The PVB17 is perfect for in-field production, on a stage, or in a rack. 3G SDI, HDMI, Composite video and an array of other digital and analog inputs can be used on this lightweight production monitor, which also features waveform and vector scopes, 16 channel audio with meters and onboard speakers, and dual PiP (including dual SDI).This 17_ model has native 1920_1080 resolution, and supports 4:4:4 color and 2K signal. Color temperatures can be selected from a variety of pre-sets or as custom. Color space for this unit is pre-calibrated for SMPTE 709.In Monitor Display, Tally, and Closed Captioning are also standard, as are adjustable safearea markers.

MONITORS (15-39)