Telecast MTR6442i-MML 15 (B) Intercom Throwdown

The CommLink? is a fiber optic transceiver system that carries two intercom channels seamlessly over a single strand of fiber spanning distances of more than 30 kilometers. With advanced digital noise elimination circuitry, users won't know that they aren't connected by traditional copper wires. The system works with the industry's most common 2-Wire partyline intercom systems, as well as most digital matrix-style 4-Wire intercom systems. All functionality of each intercom system is transported over the fiber link, including call signalling, matrix panel alphanumeric data, and remote station controls. With its advanced auto-nulling hybrid technology, the system acts as a noiseless hybrid between a 4-Wire matrix system and a 2-Wire partyline system. The CommLink? unit can be powered from the partyline system, or the CommLink? unit can be powered with local 12 VDC and acts as a power supply for up to ten intercom belt packs. Transports two intercom channels via one strand of single-mode fiber up to 30 km Compatible with most partyline and digital matrix intercom systems 2-Wire partyline: Clear-Com?, RTS 2-Wire Advanced automatic digital nulling Internal power supply can provide power for up to 10 Clear-Com? or RTS 2-Wire beltpacks Advanced hybrid interfaces two 2-Wire intercom lines to two 4-Wire lines Uses a single common ST connector Immune to RF interference and ground loops Front panel status monitoring Acts as a standalone (non-fiber) dual-channel digital hybrid interface