Telecast Adder II Frame (Small System)

The Adder II from is a powerful audio multiplexer over fiber solution that can handle all of your audio needs. It?s the latest version of the popular Telecast Adder series that have been connecting audio signals for over ten years. Analog modules come in rows of 16 while AES modules are in row of 8. In this way, an AES TX can interface to an analog RX thus bypassing the need for expensive external D-A and A-D converters. Ultra-low latency delay is never an issue. The Adder II can operate on one or two fibers or 2 coax (up to 300 meters / 984 feet). The Adder II supports optional redundant connections over two fiber links and over fiber and coax simultaneously, with automatic failover. Optional redundant power supplies further increase reliability for the most demanding applications. For stadium and arena interconnections, mobile trucks, live audio, studio to control room audio trunking or across-campus facility interconnections, the Adder II delivers all of audio signals you need using only one or two fibers.