Studio Technologies Model 42A Interface

The Model 42A is designed to create broadcast-standard IFB outputs from line-level audio sources. The unit's primary application is to interface analog outputs associated with digital matrix intercom systems with broadcast IFB user devices. The Model 42A creates four independent IFB outputs. For convenience, the four outputs can be connected by way of eight 3-pin male XLR connectors; four of which are located on the back panel and four on the front. Each IFB output provides DC power and two analog audio signals to support the connected IFB user devices. The Model 42A's audio quality is excellent; little hiss, hum, or other artifacts are present. To ensure optimal operation, the unit provides resources for visually and audibly monitoring the audio output signals. In addition, the DC output voltage is monitored for fault conditions.Key Features

  • Transformer-coupled inputs
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Superior power-feed performance
  • Front- and back-panel IFB connectors
  • Single rack-space mounting
  • Universal mains input powering