ASG Falcon Announcer Headset Box

The Falcon Announcer Headset provides the ultimate feature-set for live television sports broadcasting in the smallest footprint, and is most ideal for applications where announcer space is at a premium. The Falcon unit provides the on-air sportscaster a passive, noise-free broadcast microphone path with a _cough? switch, dual talkback outputs, and ultra-high fidelity earpieces for reduced listener fatigue. The unit is about the size of a paperback book and allows for cable dressing that further minimizes the critical front_to-back space requirement. The Falcon supports a variety of common microphone/headset connections, as well as stereo and mono earpieces. Designed to meet the needs of sports broadcasters, Bexel created the Falcon sportscaster unit to help reduce the space requirements of the audio equipment in the announce booth.