Studio Technologies Live-Link 3G ST Fiber Interface Control Room Unit

Typically residing in an ENG truck or at a control room location, Live-Link?s Control Room Unit serves as the I/O panel for signals going to and from the Camera End Unit. Four single-mode optical fibers carry WDM-multiplexed signals between the units. All video, audio, and data inputs and outputs use standard connectors. Multiple LEDs provide video, audio, and system status information. The Control Room Unit is available in a portable or rack-ready version.The portable version can be powered by a 10 to 18 Vdc source or via battery using the Anton/Bauer mount. Consuming a maximum of 20 watts, battery operation in excess of six hours is easily achieved. The rack-ready version is optimized for use in permanent (fixed or mobile) installations. Using the optional Live-Link Rack Mounting Enclosure, one or two units can be mounted in three spaces (3U) of a standard equipment rack.Certain applications may require a 2-wire party-line circuit to be interfaced with the Control Room Unit?s 4-wire interface. The Studio Technologies? Model 45A Interface will provide an excellent resource for that function.