Multidyne HD-3500-FTX-ST-SYNC 3G-SDI/Audio/Data/4W Transmitter

The HD-3500-FTX-ST Multi-Rate Serial Video & Fiber-Optic Transmitter from MultiDyne routes all of the signals needed to any remote camera and its operator, up to 24.9 miles (40km) away from its base station. 3G HD uncompressed videos are transported without any loss or degradation of the signal. This unit supports 3 discreet bi-directional?RS-232, 422, and 485?data channels as well as 4 GPIO?s and one tally. Data paths and GPIO channels allow for easy remote control of critical camera parameters and the tally circuit lets the camera operator know when the system is live. The system has audio inputs for 2 channels of outbound digital AES audio or 4 analog audio channels with 2 more bi-directional audio channels. Audio paths allow for multiple line level audios from the camera-end of the link as well as bi-directional 4-wire circuits for intercom. In addition, you can take advantage of your digital audio sources and microphones by inputting AES signals and get both analog and AES out at the control room, saving the cost of A/D converters. This unit offers multi-rate HD-SDI fiber optic transport with options for multiple audio, intercom, and bi-directional data over a single fiber with high-definition transport of uncompressed 3G HD-SDI signals up to 1080p. This transmitter unit provides loop outs, equalized inputs, and reclocked dual outputs supporting 5 Mb/s to 2.970 Gb/s, SDI, HD-SDI, 3G HDSDI, DVB, ASI, and SMPTE standards 424M, 292M, 259M, and 310M. It is suitable for remote camera control in broadcast environments, POV (point-of-view) cameras, action sports shots, sky cams and intelligent transportation systems as well as for high-definition surveillance, casinos and Homeland Security. The HD-3500 can be used as a stand-alone product, or alternately, it can be rack mounted using MultiDyne?s convenient rack kits (sold separately). It can also be integrated with other MultiDyne products to create custom solutions.