Sony RM-B750 Remote Paint Control w/LCD Display

The RM-B750 Remote Control Unit has been designed to establish a highly mobile and fully controllable camera system in the field by integrating control capability equivalent to a Master Set-up Unit into a compact unit powered from the device to be controlled. The RM-B750 can be connected directly to the any HDC1500R/1400R Series and Super Slow motion HDC3300R HD Camera, The combination of an LCD touch-panel screen and direct push buttons enables full parameter adjustment of the camera to be controlled. When necessary, basic tape transport functions of a portable VTR can be controlled*. For further operational convenience, the RM-B750 has a Memory Stick? media card slot so that various setup parameters can be stored and transferred between camcorders. * VTR REC START/STOP can also be assigned by the assignable switch.