Chrosziel Clip-On MatteBox M2 (CF-SS/110)

SD 412 SunShade for wide-angle, complete, 110mm connection. The technical data of the three versions is identical except for the maximum clamp diameters (104 / 110 / 130 mm). The included Double Filter Stage takes filters up to 5.65x5.65?. Both filters slide vertically and can be fixed in any position, the second also rotates 250?. For optimal use of the picture angle, the filter-stages are equipped with multi-format filter-holders for 4x4 and 4x5.65? filters in the first stage and, in the second, rotating multi-format filter-holder for 5x5 and 4x5.65? formats. Insert 5x5? filters and fully use the wide angle format in any position of the rotating stage. For even more flexibility when using e.g. graduation filters, insert 5x6? filters in the first stage (filter-holder 510-02). The connecting diameter of 104 mm and the respective Step-Down Rings fit most lenses. For the further two standard versions with 110 and 130mm clamp-on diameter various step-down rings are available. The French Flag is included, Side Wings are optional. For maximum stray light reduction, sets of mattes for 4:3 and 16:9 formats are available. Tip: Check the correct positioning of the side wings when using super wide angle lenses to avoid vignetting.