Sony HDC-4300 4K HD Camera

Sony?s cutting-edge technology enables the HDC-4300 to capture 1920 x 1080 high-definition images at an amazing frame rate, eight times1 above the normal frame rate (1080/479.52p, 1080/400p, 720/479.52p or 720/400p). The HDC-4300 has another huge advantage _ its 4K capability, achieved by installing optional SZC-4001 software. The HDC-4300 delivers superb 4K images thanks to its three 2/3-inch 4K imagers with Sony?s latest designed optical system, supporting ITU-R BT.20202 and providing a wide color gamut. The HDC-4300 is released as a high-performance model, and is the first in the HDC Series to offer both an HD and a 4K capability. With all these attractive features, the Sony HDC-4300 is the optimum solution to deliver true-to-life sports entertainment.


  • 3x 2/3" Full UHD 4K sensors
  • HD or 4K1 operation
  • HD High Frame Rate operation up to 8x speed
  • 4K Cut-Out and Zoom capability
  • Utilizes existing Sony Large Lens Adapters and accessories