RFX HDRX 5.8GHz Microlite HD Receiver

The Anton Bauer AB-HDRX 5.8 GHz Wireless Video Receiver is a complement to the AB-HDTX transmitter, from which it receives over the license-free 5.8 GHz frequency band. The HDRX is a dual diversity COFDM receiver that employs maximal ratio combining to reliably decode HD and SD video with embedded audio, and it outputs by SDI, Composite BNC and RCA audio. The complementary HDTX transmits in H.264 from up to a half-mile line-of-site distance away at selectable bandwidths of 6, 7 and 8 MHz within the 5.8 GHz range. The transmitter and receiver feature 12 selectable frequency presets, affording the least amount of interference. The HDRX can be mounted with a Manfrotto Magic Arm, and it powers by a Logic Series battery, which attaches to an integrated Gold Plate. The Magic Arm and battery are sold separately.