RFX HDTX 5.8GHz COFDM HD Transmitter-MPEG4

The Anton Bauer AB-HDTX 5.8 GHz Wireless Video Transmitter is a complement to the AB-HDRX receiver, to which it transmits over the license-free 5.8 GHz frequency band. The HDTX encodes HD and SD video with embedded audio into an H.264 signal and wirelessly transmits the signal at selectable bandwidths of 6, 7 and 8 MHz within the 5.8 GHz range. H.264 compression allows line-of-sight transmissions of up to a half-mile. Connection to a camera is by a BNC input that supports both SDI and Composite and automatically distinguishes between the two. Controls include a selection between 12 frequency presets, a high/low RF power button, and a Standby button. You can use the HDTX camera-mounted by sandwiching it in between a Gold Mount plate and a Logic Series battery, in which case the battery would power both the transmitter and the camera. An alternative power option is a Tandem 70 AC power supply/charger.