The 1.5 GB/s link transmits digital HD/SD video, audio, and control signals without delay via Free Space Optics at up to one kilometer for sports and other productionsThe dramatic growth in HDTV sports and entertainment production, as well as the need for permanent HD and SD video links at broadcast facilities, has provided the impetus for a new and versatile uncompressed, high-bandwidth (HD-SDI and SD-SDI) digital-transmission solution. This solution is known as the DT-150 HD Canobeam Transceiver and is designed for situations where fiber-optic cables or microwave are impractical and/or the simplicity of Free Space Optics is preferred.The DT-150 HD Canobeam is the newest member of Canon's acclaimed series of point-to-point optical beam transceivers that use infrared light to bridge gaps in high-bandwidth transmission situations. The DT-150 HD Canobeam provides bi-directional, uncompressed 1.5 Gbps transmission of embedded digital video, audio, and camera control signals on a single HD-SDI or SD-SDI stream with no delay. The Canobeam can also relay embedded HD-SDI and SD-SDI video from multiple cameras or other HD/SD video sources, along with embedded return video and audio to the camera operator, camera control signals, and robotic camera-control data. The DT-150 HD Canobeam has a range of up to one kilometer and - like all Canobeam DT-100 series products - features Canon's exclusive Auto Tracking feature to maintain beam alignment despite vibration due to wind, rain, or unsteady camera platforms.