Autoscript TFT17HB-12W 17" TFT Color LCD Camera Prompter

The TFT17HB-12W 17" TFT On-Camera High Brightness Wide Angle Teleprompter from Autoscript is an exceptionally versatile teleprompter with a special high-brightness backlight that offers consistent and superior readability. The 12v DC power supply can either be obtained from the camera or from a separate mains power unit. The prompter mounts horizontally in front of the camera and a glass screen mounted at a 45? angle above the prompter reflects the text, allowing the announcer to read while looking directly into the camera. The prompter operates in conjunction with a PCI Card and Winplus software running on a PC platform. Prompt scripts can be entered manually by typing or by importing from a word processor file. Scrolling speed can be controlled by a hand or foot control that plugs into the PCI card or an X-box. Operation of the prompter can also be synchronized with station equipment if required. Unique features include on-screen menu options for picture adjustment, sensor-driven built-in cue light, and unique on board sleep mode for TFT longevity. This model features a wide-angle hood.