Autoscript W19HDSDI-OA 19" On-Air HD/SD LCD Monitor

Autoscript's W19HDSDI-OA is one of the first widescreen monitors developed as on-air talent monitors. In designing this unit, Autoscript addressed all mounting, power, viewing angle and format issues associated with on-air talent monitors. Engineered to work with their broadcast LED 17" TFT +Plus+, LED 19" TFT +Plus+, TFT 17" and TFT 20" on camera prompters, this unit offers unparalleled functionality. In addition to the technical merits, they also addressed the aesthetics and functionality of these units so that they become an integral part of your studio. Manufactured in the U.S.A. and supported by Autoscript, the leader in prompting, the W19HDSDI-OA furthers Autoscript's commitment to provide new solutions for tomorrows applications.