Autoscript LED8TFT-P 8" Color LCD On-Camera Prompter

The Autoscript 8" LED TFT On-Camera Prompter Monitor is equipped with one composite input and one VGA input, and just like Autoscript's studio-size teleprompters, the 8" LED features a built-in tally light, a tally sensor input, an illuminated control panel for easy viewing, and a mounting pattern for adding Clock Plus, Tally Plus, or Cue Plus accessories. The 8" has an LED backlight and at 18W consumes 30% less power than the studio-size does, and at 1700 nits provides 10% more brightness, delivering superior daylight performance. The 8" has an all-metal case and can optionally be mounted by either shoulder or tripod-mount systems that allow compatibility with nearly any portable camera. Power is by an included AC supply that has a 4-pin XLR connector on the monitor end. Equipped with one composite and one VGA input Built-in tally light, tally sensor input and control panel Mounts by optional shoulder or tripod mounting systems Optionally mounts Clock / Tally / and Cue Plus accessories Delivers 10% more brightness than Autoscript's studio-size prompter does