Migration from the 600MHz Spectrum Has Now Started and Will be Completed by July 2020

The FCC Spectrum AuctionThe Federal Communications Commission (FCC) completed the first-ever “incentive auction” designed to repurpose part of the UHF TV spectrum to mobile and cable companies.A significant portion of the TV band spectrum in the 600 MHz band, including most of the spectrum on TV channels 38-51 (614-698 MHz), has been repurposed for the new 600 MHz service band for use by wireless services, and will no longer be available for entities within the broadcast and entertainment industry.Auction Results: “600 MHz Band Plan”Wireless microphone transmitter and receivers that operate in the 600 MHz service band (the 617-652 MHz and 663-698 MHz frequencies) will be required to cease operation no later than July 13, 2020, or sooner, to comply with new federal regulations. Leading up to that transition date, the new occupants have the right to test or turn on their new systems. We noticed that some occupants are aggressively activating their new equipment already. Starting in October 2018, the manufacturing, sale, lease or shipment of wireless mics that operate in the 600 MHz service band frequencies will be prohibited in the U.S.

What Now?To avoid interference, check if your current wireless equipment operates in the 600 MHz spectrum. If it does, there are a number of companies offering trade-in promotions or re-tuning services for a limited time, including Lectrosonics, Sennheiser, Zaxcom, and Audio-Technica.Go Wireless With ConfidenceWhen renting gear from Bexel, rest assured that your production will not be in violation of the new FCC rules. Our Frequency Coordination Services will help reduce the risk of your production experiencing any radio frequency (RF) issues.Contact us if you would like a consultation for your wireless systems’ FCC compliance and spectrum reallocation deployment needs. We can assist in replacing, re-banding, or reprogramming your current inventory.Bexel and Bexel TSS offer specialty audio services that include:

  • System Evaluation and Consulting
  • Band Planning
  • Frequency Coordination
  • Equipment Trade-In, Disposal, or Upgrade
  • Facility-Wide Coverage Solutions (MAS)
  • Wireless System Integration

With the FCC Repacking, you wireless systems may no longer work. To avoid interference, please contact us to ensure your wireless microphones and IFBs, wireless intercom, belt packs, antennas, batteries, and headsets are all working properly for your next production.