The 24-second shot clock augmented reality (AR) graphic is inserted directly on the court of professional basketball broadcasts

Bexel has partnered with Vizrt on their innovative, software-defined visual storytelling solution, Viz Arena. One of the notable additions to professional basketball broadcasts includes the debut of a 24-second shot clock augmented reality (AR) graphic directly on the court.By virtually inserting the shot clock on the court, it allows for a better viewing experience by visualizing the dynamics of the game for fans at home. With the addition of this virtual cue, it reduces the need for viewers to frequently glance at the score bug in the lower corner of the screen, especially as the shot clock gets closer to zero.

Virtual Shot Clock_TNT on NBA_Vizrt Sports-Bexel-NEP-Broadcast-Services-graphics-rental

Viz Arena gives broadcasters the ability to add any virtual 3D graphics or AR graphics, including virtual advertising, to any live sporting event production. Based on state-of-the-art image processing technology, Viz Arena can track cameras in real-time based on a video feed. This makes it possible to apply graphics on the court from the studio without the need of mechanical tracking heads. An automatic image-cut detection helps to activate and disable the graphics on the calibrated cameras.As part of Bexel’s broadcast graphics initiative, the company is providing the Viz Arena hardware with set-up and configuration support, along with dedicated 24/7 technical support available for operators.


“This is an especially exciting project for us as we work with Vizrt to deploy the unique, never-before-seen virtual shot clock to enhance the viewing experience and fan engagement,” commented Lee Estroff, vice president sales, Bexel.“The addition of the virtual shot clock is in line with Vizrt Sports’ strategy to provide content producers with ‘more stories, better told’ through innovative and monetizable visual data-driven platforms. We look forward to continue working with Bexel to evolve the technology, and make it a recognized feature on live sports broadcasts,” concludes Kevin Bovet, VP Head of Sports, Vizrt.