November 6, 2015 - Burbank, CA - Bexel Sales offers the latest new and used professional broadcast products. Representing over 200 product lines, Bexel Sales is the industry’s most comprehensive resource for the latest audio, video and fiber equipment sales. Recently the Sales group completed work on a project with CCI Communications, who has been providing a variety of creative, production, post production and multi-media services to the Mid-Atlantic region for over 25 years.When CCI Communications was ready to upgrade their Gerling production truck to HD, the team at Bexel Sales helped them meet their goals, and CCI’s Vice President of Operations, Steve Selinger, was able to hit the road – on time and on budget.


Bexel recently sat down with Steve Selinger to get his thoughts on working with Bexel Sales and his perspective on the project:CCI recently upgraded our mobile truck to high definition with the help of Bexel Sales. For several years, our truck was largely used for internal projects, so it was kept fairly simple. As time went on, the truck grew to meet the needs of outside shows, which meant additional equipment to add capability and flexibility. We knew when we made the decision to upgrade to HD that this had to be replicated in the design and equipment selection as well.As a small business, one of the key things that kept us from doing the project previously was, quite frankly, the price. When we determined that there was no future with the standard definition equipment and that there was enough business to support the transition to HD, I started building the budget and looking for creative ways we could complete the project. I soon realized that if we could go with a mixture of new and used equipment, from a vendor we trusted, we could make this work.I was aware of Bexel’s reputation going back to the 1990’s, as we had rented lenses and other equipment from them. When I became aware that they also sold lightly used equipment, I was very interested in talking with them. I’ve been known to scour Ebay, but Bexel Sales made things much easier for us. Approximately 50 percent of the equipment in our upgraded truck was lightly used, and the vast majority of that gear came from Bexel Sales. These were very critical pieces of our truck’s infrastructure, including both of our Evertz master sync generators, the pulse of the truck as it keeps everything in time. In addition, we purchased great Fujinon lenses. Buying them new was not possible with our budget, but with Bexel Sales, they became an accessible purchase.


Working through Bexel Sales, we were able to secure equipment from top-of-the-line manufacturers, and remain within the confines of our budget. What separates Bexel from other equipment providers is the high level of product they carry, both in their rental and sales departments. The company provides quality equipment that is reliable, and their customer service personnel are dependable. I was confident that all purchases would be in good condition, and if an issue arose, I was just as confident that Bexel would stand by their products and work to reach a resolution.


An additional benefit for any company that is in the market for lightly used equipment is that Bexel truly is a one-stop shop. This factor was incredibly convenient for us. If they didn’t have a particular piece of equipment for sale, they would talk to their rental division to try and make some of that inventory available for purchase. Bexel Sales has consistently come through for us, allowing us to deal with a single vendor rather than chasing down one-off pieces of equipment from multiple sources.Our truck upgrade was a calculated risk, but we are thrilled with the outcome. To date, we’ve done several productions with the HD unit, and we have received really positive feedback. Recently, we’ve worked with the American Sports Network, providing mobile production support for several college football broadcasts. The truck has been on the road from the University of Maine down to Towson University in Maryland, in addition to locations in New York. Business has picked up significantly since the upgrade, and we’ve been successful in fulfilling all of our customers’ requests for mobile production services. CCI’s mission is to provide very high broadcast quality video production services in an affordable package to the Mid-Atlantic region. We’re very pleased that we were able to build the HD truck to our standards through collaboration with Bexel Sales.Equipment purchased from Bexel Sales for CCI Communication’s upgraded mobile production unit included:

  • (2) Evertz 5601 MSC Master Sync Generators
  • Evertz 5601 ACO Automatic Changeover
  • Evertz 7700 Multiframe
  • (8) Evertz 7700DA7'HD+3RU ' HD/SD'SDI Reclocking Distribution Amplifier
  • (3) Evertz 7710DCDA'HD Monitoring Downconverter Card
  • Evertz 7721AE4'HD embedder
  • (2) Evertz HD2014 Multi'Path Video Converter Sync Decoder 4x Path 1RU
  • Evertz 9084 Close Caption Encoder
  • Fujinon HA23x7.6BERM'M58 HD ENG Lens w/2x
  • (2) Fujinon ERD'T22 Zoom Demand
  • Grass Valley K2 Solo 3G HD/SD'SDI 2 Channel Server
  • Fast Forward 2 channel Omega Deck
  • AJA Ki Pro Rack Rackmount Recorder/Player
  • AJA Ki STOR500 R0 500GB HDD Storage Module for Ki Pro

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