2019 marks the 100th year of the NFL, which will be commemorated throughout the season honoring all those who have helped build the NFL into what it is today, and finally culminating with Super Bowl LIV in Miami, Florida.The league’s 32 teams will each play a 16-game schedule, for a total of 256 games during the regular season. For each of those games, across all 31 NFL stadiums, Bexel and NEP are a part of bringing that broadcast production to fans at home.Supporting major broadcast networks and NFL rights holders, Bexel and NEP are key players in providing broadcast equipment rentals, engineering staff, mobile units, and specialized broadcast technology specifically designed to elevate the production and viewer experience.One such technology is Bexel’s Sideline Audio/Video Cart, a plug-and-play solution developed to streamline the acquisition of field audio and video feeds for a variety of sports productions. The newly upgraded Cart also features a pop-up tent to protect on-air talent from unfavorable weather and limit distracting venue noise during gameplay.

Currently used on the sidelines for two major networks, the Sideline Cart provides broadcasters with all the technology needed in a compact package. Each Sideline Cart deployed is tailor-made for each customer and application, with equipment pre-wired within the Cart, significantly reducing setup and strike times.The Sideline Cart’s built-in patch bay makes it easy to monitor, troubleshoot, and manage signal routing. It comes with integrated antenna poles, customized drawers for stowing gear, and a flat tabletop surface that also serves as an on-site workspace. There is no other solution like it in the industry that can accommodate broadcasts of any size with quick and easy connections for video and audio feeds, including connectivity to the mobile unit via single-mode fiber.Another important offering for the NFL are broadcast graphics platforms that complement visual storytelling with real-time 3D graphics, studio automation, sports analysis, and asset management tools. Bexel currently offers leading graphics platforms Vizrt Viz Trio One Box, Ross Video Xpression, and ChyronHego Mosaic. However, unique to Bexel’s offering is a custom engineered ruggedized case that is only 4RU and 20-inches deep to minimize space usually needed in OB mobile units.Bexel designed this specialty frame to be conducive to a plug-and-play solution, enabling quick and easy set-up and install. Broadcast networks can now deliver high quality graphics and high-performance features in real-time for NFL games with the added benefit of a compact system.The custom chassis design is a less intrusive alternative that offers a high-end, cost effective solution that suits any configuration or application, and seamlessly integrates with existing production workflows for flexibility and efficiency. Only available through Bexel, the company also offers around-the-clock technical support for all their graphics solutions, with a dedicated phone line available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Bexel Now Offering Ross Video XPression Graphics Rental

In addition to these new specialty technologies, Bexel also supports US NFL broadcast rights holders with comprehensive rental packages that are tailored to suit the needs of the networks. This includes audio and communications equipment for the booth and field, complete booth and sideline LED lighting and grip packages, large quantities of tactical fiber cable and transport hardware, high-frame-rate (HRF) slo-mo packages, RF video and audio packages, and an assortment of wide angle and long lenses.As an NEP Broadcast Services Company, Bexel can leverage NEP’s worldwide pool of resources. Together, their history with supporting the NFL dates back more than 30 years, and across different eras in technology. As networks are investing in advanced broadcast solutions to increase viewership and engagement, Bexel and NEP are at the forefront of these trends to develop solutions that can bring those ideas to life.Stay tuned for more posts in NEP’s series on innovative broadcast technologies for the NFL and learn how NEP Group divisions are leveraging their expertise to provide unmatched support for their clients and bring memorable moments to viewers at home.