Which one will work best for your needs?

When selecting a fiber multiplexer, it is important to understand that there are key differences in the number of signals and the number of fiber cables that carry those multiplexed signals.In comparing the two leading fiber multiplexers, Studio Technologies Model 400 and Multidyne VF-9000, the systems are similar in general application with different channel counts (12 versus 18, respectively) and the number of fiber cable outputs (4 versus 1, respectively) needed to move the signals. In most instances, as the channel count increases, the VF-9000 has added benefit with more SDI channels, and less fiber cables needed. On the other hand, Model 400 is easy to use and versatile for many applications, with less channels and more fiber cables.

The Multidyne VF-9000 is a 1 Rack Unit, very high-density video fiber optic transport platform. It has up to 36 optical I/O (18 SFP Ports) and 36 Copper, BNC I/Os. The configuration of input versus output is configured automatically, following the I/O of the SFP installed, which is better suited for high SDI signal applications.Bexel has customized the stock of VF-9000 to closely emulate the Model 400’s simple design while providing flexibility for an increased channel count and Ethernet. The first of three versions is a Multidyne 12x0 fiber system with Ethernet, and an added robust case with an easy I/O for easy use.

Multidyne 12x6 Fiber System[/caption]The second system is a Multidyne 12x6 fiber system with 18 slots for increased flexibility. The last custom option is a Multidyne 18x fiber system, also with 18 slots for maximize channel count.Studio Technologies’ Model 400 SDI-Over-Fiber Transport System is a high-performance, rack-mount solution for distributing digital video signals over short and medium distances. The system is compatible with all common broadcast serial digital video formats and is suitable for use in remote trucks and live-event video distribution. The primary requested configuration is 12x0; we also have 9x3 configuration if needed. These configurations can be changed by engineering if given enough notice.

Studio Technologies Model 400 12x0 Fiber system. 9x3 configuration also available.[/caption]No matter what your technology requirements are, Bexel is pleased to offer both fiber multiplexing solutions from Studio Technologies and Multidyne, with the added customization of VF-9000 for unique production needs.