Yamaha DM2000 96x8 Digital Mid Size Console

The DM2000 offers nearly double the number of channels of the 02R96 as well as improved ease-of-use due to a greater number of dedicated controls. A welcome amenity is a fluorescent graphic scribble strip for displaying channel names, routing selections, processing choices, and encoder values. Twenty-five touch-sensitive moving faders control the channels and busses through five recallable layers, with all channels operable at 96 kHz sampling.Extensive I/O capability is provided by six expansion slots each able to transfer 16 channels at single sampling rates or eight channels at double-sampling. New mini-YGDAI interface cards supporting 16 channels have just been released in ADAT, AES, and TDIF formats, so when fully loaded, up to 96 digital I/Os are available. Analog input is handled by twenty-four discrete transistor head-amps (with pre-converter insert points) that can serve as high-quality mic preamps or line inputs.