TSL PAM1-MK2 (Non-Dolby) Precision Audio Monitoring Unit

The PAM1 MK2 is designed for a broad range of operational users throughout the TV environment, from Ingest to Transmission, Post Production to Studios. It's ideal confidence monitoring in a multichannel HD-SDI environment where comprehensive visual and audio feedback is required in a compact format, including Dolby encoded, multi-language, 5.1 audio and loudness measurement.Features:

  • SMTPE2020 metadata monitoring
  • Dual auto-sensing, 1080p (60, 59, 94 and 50Hz), HD/SDI video inputs
  • De-embedded audio monitoring from video (HD/SDI) with intuitive selection from up to sixteen channels (four groups)
  • 4 AES (4 Pairs/8 Channel) Inputs - 110Ohm Balanced or 75Ohm unbalanced via optional CAB-D25-BNC cable
  • 2 Analogue Stereo Inputs
  • Downmix of discreet multichannel audio to stereo for compatibility monitoring
  • Multichannel audio outputs for external stereo or 5.1 loudspeaker system integration
  • ITU BS1770/71 loudness measurement and Histogram
  • Automatic mode switching - depending on signal type
  • Dolby E, Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus decoding from HD.SDI and AES signal sources