Panasonic AV-HS400 Multi-Format HD/SD Switcher with MultiViewer

The multi-format AV-HS400 live switcher is an all-in-one system that easily integrates into existing HD/SD workflows, flawlessly mixing HD and SD video sources. With a built-in MultiViewer image preview, expandable HD/SD architecture, 3D digital effects and a host of other advanced features, the AVHS400 provides all the functions you need for superb results.The AVHS400's built-in MultiViewer can output 4, 6, or 10 images from different sources to a single high-resolution display, eliminating the need for multiple HD source and preview monitors. For added creative flexibility, the AVHS400 offers a broad selection of wipe patterns including 3-D digital effects and features a high-quality chroma key for applications such as green screen in broadcast and production.The AVHS400's modular architecture comes standard with four HD/SD-SDI inputs and four HD/SDI outputs and can be expanded to support up to 8 inputs and 8 outputs with optional I/O boards. The AVHS400 has a built-in, switchable 10-bit frame synchronizer for each input, for glitch-free switching, even with non-synchronous sources such as Blu-Ray DVD players or remote camera feeds.

  • SD/HD Signal Management
  • Industry-Standard Camera Compatibility
  • Analog Component & DVI Input Support
  • Asynchronous Video Inputs
  • Built-In Up-Converter
  • Multi-View Display
  • Split Numbers with Selectable Image
  • Multiple Video Effects
  • Preset Function Keys
  • Tally Outputs & RS422 Interface

AV-HS400 SD/HD Live Mixer from Panasonic is a mixer designed for use with HD/SD signals at live events. It can manage up to (8) inputs and (8) outputs. The unit comes ready for use with most HD cameras. Analog component and DVI inputs are also supported as an option.Each input features a 10-bit frame synchronizer that makes asynchronous video signal inputs possible. A built-in up-converter on the option board is capable of mixing both HD and SD signals. Multi-view display of PGM, PVW, and input video on a single monitor is also possible to reduce your total cost of ownership.Other features include selectable split numbers (4, 8, or 10) with selectable video image for each split area, still image file transfer by SD memory card, and various video effects (wipes, DVE, keys, chroma key, DSK, and picture-in-picture). Preset function keys facilitate management of the unit. Embedded audio is available on the auxiliary bus. Moreover, (8) tally outputs and an RS422 interface are standard feature