Evertz HD2014 Multi-Path Video Converter Sync Decoder 4x Path 1RU

The HD2014 integrates four independent paths of video processing. All four paths can be fed from four different input signals. Each processing path includes full frame sync and up/down/cross conversion capabilities in addition to video proc and video enhancement capabilities.The HD2012 integrates two independent paths of processing. Each path can be fed from two different device inputs. The HD2011 has the same capabilities as the HD2012, except that both processing paths must be fed from the same input video signal.The processing power of the HD20xx series in combination with their simple-to-use front panel makes it an ideal choice for utility conversion applications within studio, ENG/DSNG truck or mobile environments.The HD2014, HD2012 and HD2011 can support up to 4x coax serial digital inputs, 4x fiber optic serial digital inputs, 4x composite analog video inputs, 4x or 8x mono analog audio inputs, and 8x AES digital audio inputs*.Analog video inputs are processed using 12-bit A/D converters and use 3D video decoding technology. DVI inputs are also supported with a resolution up to 1920 x 1080p.The HD20xx series can support up to 4x coax serial digital outputs, 4x fiber optic serial digital outputs, 4x composite analog video outputs, 8x or 4x mono analog audio outputs and 8x AES digital audio outputs*. DVI outputs (720p and 1080i) can also be supported. A reference input is available to allow these units to lock to an external reference. SNMP control and monitoring is supported using the 10/100 Ethernet port. An integrated four input multi-image display is available as an ordering option.These Evertz? converters are packaged in a space-saving 1RU form factor and have local front panel control capabilities. Quick access hot keys for each processing channel are available on the front panel to enable easy changes to core processing parameters. Eight (8) front panel "HOT KEY MACROS" can be programmed with user controls to enable multi-parameter sets with a single button push. The HD20xx series can be ordered with dual AC power supplies. The HD20xx series can also support operation from externally supplied +12V DC power supply (1x AC inlet and 1x DC inlet supported).Fiber SFP modules ordered as separate accessories to enable fiber inputs/outputsOne FL-xx flex module may be installed at a timeOne FR-xx flex module may be installed at a time1x analog video input and 1x analog video output are standardRedundant power supply is an ordering optionThe +AA option supports analog audio with 4x in and 8x outThe +AA2 option supports analog audio with 8x in and 4x out