Evertz 7825DSK2-LG-HD+3RU HD/SD Dual DSK w/logo Inserter

The 7825DSK2-LG-HD and 7825DSK2-LG-3G Dual Downstream Keyer and Logo Inserter are complete packages that will insert simultaneous static or animated logos over a full bandwidth SDI program video signal.  The 7825DSK2-LG-HD and 7825DSK2-LG-3G have been designed to manage and store multiple logo objects. Logos are stored in non-volatile Flash memory and may be downloaded to the hardware via Ethernet FTP using the overture software. Both models have two sets of key and fill inputs to allow for external keyer sources.  In addition to the support for two external keyers, up to 16 static or animated logos can be keyed simultaneously with independent fade control for each logo. The size of each logo is variable and ranges from 1/25th to full screen. The position of the logo, fade rates, and animation rates are also user controllable. They come with 512MB of playout cache and 2GB of compact flash storage.  The onboard preview allows you to cue your logos for position and content verification prior to going "On Air". The optional features of the 7825DSK2-LG-HD and 7825DSK2-LG-3G are an air temperature probe and a crawl option which provides the ability to insert crawls.  The 7825DSK2-LG-HD and 7825DSK2-LG-3G are VistaLINK? capable, offering remote monitoring, control and configuration capabilities via Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). This product feature offers another solution to manage operations including signal monitoring and module configuration from SNMP-enabled control systems (Manager or NMS) locally or remotely.