Clear-Com HMS-4X HelixNet Main Station

The HMS-4X is a 1RU digital partyline main station that offers 4 channels of full-duplex audio and program audio feed that can support up to 20 beltpacks on a single station. The HMS-4X has high channel density, offering up to 12 networked intercom channels and power for beltpacks transmitted over a single shielded twisted-pair cable (mic, CAT5 or CAT6 cables). The system is designed to operate on a facility's existing cabling structure so that no additional cable runs are needed. The front panel HMS-4X has easily accessible separate headset and mic buttons, a speaker with a rotary knob to control listen volume levels, multi-color LED levels, a Stage Announce button Remote Mic Kill button and an All Talk button. Plug-and-go installation, quick access to system settings, simple cable operations and fast update capabilities make the HMS-4X easy to use.