Clear-Com Eclipse Omega 96-Port Matrix Frame, Includes 6-RU Card Frame w/ Back-Plane

Eclipse-Omega is an advanced digital matrix intercom platform, 96 RJ-45 ports over 15 module slots in a 6RU chassis the highest port density of any available system on the market. Each of the 15 slots can house 16-port matrix cards to provide full-duplex connections with panels, external lines, and interfaces to other matrix systems. External interface modules are connected using external 1RU and 3RU frames, leaving all 15 slots available for port and interface cards. With the current version of Eclipse (v5.2), the Eclipse Configuration Software (ECS) has been improved to simplify operation and streamline the user interface infrastructure. ECS now has more automation, comes with a pre-set factory configuration, intuitive hardware discovery and better visibility of all settings, giving users the communication they need quickly.