Clear-Com CP-942 Tempest 900MHz Dual Listen Beltpack

Together with the Tempest2400, the Tempest900 offers another viable and reliable wireless intercom option for specific application needs. The Tempest900 offers much of the same intuitive operation and menu structure, as well as look and feel, of the Tempest2400 system. The difference is that the Tempest900 operates within the 900MHz frequency band. The longer wave lengths and wider symbol width in this band allow signals to break through dense walls and other structural objects more readily, increasing the range for users and reducing potential loss of audio. The Tempest900 BeltStations, CP-942 (for use with the CM-944 4-channel BaseStation) provides users with full-duplex communications. Similar to Tempest2400 BeltStation models, the Tempest900 BeltStations are designed with a comfortable and rugged casing for long-term durability, can operate in either Normal or Shared Mode, and with flexible battery options. The Tempest900 BeltStations use iSelect on-command roaming technology, which allows a user to easily change association with another Accu-Synced BaseStation location in a few seconds. The CP-942 BeltStation (4-channel audio) is capable of true dual talk/listen functionality, allowing each user to simultaneously monitor and/or talk on two of the four channels (A or B and C or D).