Cineroid FL800S Flexible Bi-Color LED Panel

With the ability to be bent, shaped, or contoured to suit the shape of your subject and lighting requirements, the Cineroid FL800S Flexible Bi-Color LED Panel is a unique light source with color, light intensity and power options.The 9.8 x 18" light source employs 800 LEDs to output 3400 lux while maintaining a high CRI of 94 indicating a precise and accurate rendition of color. The lightweight (10.6 oz) FL800S is waterproof (except for the Controller) and is impervious to rain, snow, or humid conditions. In fact, you can wash it with water! The light is provided with an X-Bracket with a 5/8" receiver to hold the light in a rectangular shape and allow it to be easily mounted on a stand with a 5/8" stud. A diffuser is also included to take the edge off the bright LEDs. It attaches and detaches quickly and easily with the provided touch-fastener strips.